Still Uplifting, Air is Different Here

Winding down our visit here at Spring Creek Ranch, we have noticed how different the air is here, and also very much the same. In this beautiful month of August, the air here kisses you softly the way the air does on a perfect Hawaiian day. Of course we are at a higher altitude so it is not as oxygen rich, but neither is there fog,vog or smog so it is easy to breathe.

The wind itself behaves very much like our tropical showers (liquid sunshine). In much the same way that in Hawaii the sun is out and out of nowhere the rain appears, the wind here is soft and sweet and out of nowhere a powerful wind (no way you could call it a breeze) appears. To the uninitiated (me) it feels like you ought to take cover, and prepare for a storm. Not true. As soon as it appears it is gone.

Air --here and there, and probably everywhere -- is uplifting. The winds that come out of nowhere are uplifting as the Hawaiian trades. No doubt that is why we call the uplifting scent in our aromatherapy line Air. Lanikai Bath and Body's Air is a combination of the essential oils of Tangerine, Rose Geranium, Orange, and Ylang Ylang. Uplifting indeed.

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