Hurricane Approaching Hawaii

As CNN keeps telling us, a hurricane hasn't hit Hawaii in fifteen years. That was Iniki, which wreaked havoc on the island of Kauai -- some parts of which have never recovered. Usually, when a hurricane is approaching Hawaii, I am in Hawaii, expecting the hurricane, and hoping it won't come.

I am still watching it approach on tv, as I would if I were in Hawaii, but it definitely seems different not being there. I can't do anything. Not that I could, even if I were there. Like jetlag and time, weather separates you from your world. It is very dry here in the Grand Tetons and the wind actually rustles through the trees. Mark says the trees I am looking at are trembling Aspens. The wind lifts up the leaves so they shimmer in the light, while the boughs move up and down as if waving hello. It sounds different here. It smells different here. It feels different here. So it is hard for me to "get" that a hurricane is approaching my island home.

Especially one name Flossie. All of us still here from Hawaii (for the wedding) thought that Pacific hurricanes were supposed to have Hawaiian names. We feel a bit cheated by Flossie. Who is named Flossie anyway? Isn't that some kind of rabbit? No, that is Flopsie.

For now, Flossie is out in the ocean, gathering steam or blowing it off. For now, CNN says that Flossie will blow by 100 miles south of the island of Hawaii as a category two hurricane. That means rain and wind. Rain we need in Hawaii. Refreshing and Replenishing. Like our Lanikai Bath and Body aromatherapy product called Ocean, which combines the essential oils of Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot and Neroli. Ocean is replenishing. Like the rain. One of the good things that can come from a hurricane.

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