LeBron Needs Peppermint Footcream

Even though the Cavaliers didn't win the NBA championship, if I knew them I would give them some of our peppermint footscrub and peppermint foot cream. For that matter, I would give some to Tim, Manu, Bruce, Robert and Michael Findley.

I can't imagine anyone whose feet must hurt as much as these guys', after the Eastern finals and the NBA Championship. Our Peppermint foot scrub would make their feet feel really great --- and then peppermint foot cream would finish the job, with its super gentle tingly feeling.

You,too, would like our peppermint foot cream, even if you aren't a championship basketball player. my feet hurt at the end of almost every day. You can buy it at the shop, or online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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