An Aqua Velva Man

If my Dad were alive today, I'd give him Pohaku toner for Father's Day. And he might use it, because it's from our store and because he'd be proud of me for having a store in the first place.
But then again, he might not. Not because it's not a great product, but because my Dad was an Aqua Velva Man.

According to Wikipedia, Williams' Aqua Velva originally began as an alcohol-based aftershave for men but has since expanded into a full line of men's grooming products marketed worldwide by Combe Incorporated. Aqua Velva products include classic Ice Blue, Ice Sport, Musk, and new Ice Balm aftershave. You probably wouldn't find my Dad buying any of the new products produced by Combe Incorporated. Just Aqua Velva.

My parents were big on cleanliness, but not much on added scents, like we are today. Mother used Jergens lotion, as I have said before, because of Elizabeth Taylor, and her only foray into the world of cosmetic smells was Elizabeth Arden's Bluegrass Lotion. Dad, on the other hand, was a soap and water, and aqua velva, man.

His morning routine, which I watched as a child (perched on the toilet seat) included an electric shave, his razor plugged into the wall (no fancy chargers in the 50s), and then a brisk slap-pat of his face with Aqua Velva. All of this was done under a sun lamp, which I think was the reason behind the whole routine in the first place (he had to have something to do while standing under the sun lamp). He was shirtless, fresh from the shower, and in jockey shorts.

This routine lasted into his 80s, and he always had the most beautiful tan. By then, the medical world was warning us about sun lamps, but nothing deterred my Dad. Not the least bit vain about the way he smelled, but perhaps just a bit about the way he looked.

(BTW, our Pohaku line for men is terrific!)

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Anonymous said...

What a great picture! Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful father.