Winter Cold and Winter Colds

Here in beautiful Hawai`i we have been watching the weather on the mainland and feeling badly for everyone who is experiencing freezing cold and unbelievable snow and ice.

If you can't come visit Hawai`i, we strongly recommend our body butters for that winter skin, and our hand sanitizers to help ward off colds you may catch from others.

Each of them comes in a lovely tropical scent (to remind you of Hawai`i and the warm sunshine).

We hope that spring comes soon to the mainland and that you'll visit the store when you visit Hawai`i.

Body Butters: Lavender, Kamuela Rose, Green Tea, Mango Coconut, Orchid Vanilla, Plumeria, Tahitian Gardenia

Hand Sanitizers:  Island Rain, Pikake, Plumeria, Gardenia

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