Lanikai Walking

One thing that makes all of us happy is to see our bright blue bags walking around Kailua town.

We're grateful to locals and visitors who shop at our store and carry the bags on a walk to their car, a walk around Kailua or a bike ride to another Kailua destination.

Folks on the mainland and elsewhere in the world might not know that the President visited Kailua again this year, and as always, his girls got a pedicure at Kailua Nail Care just a few doors down from us.  The family also turned up at Buzz's and Island Snow (for a "shave ice") as they always do.  And our products were placed in their vacation home while they were here.

Mostly, the President golfed and golfed, and on one of his last outings while he was shaking hands with everyone, our friend Rhea said "You're the best President ever!" and the President said "For that you get a hug."

The town was lit up for Christmas, and now we're back to "normal" which here in Kailua is pretty darn good.
When you're in Hawai`i, come visit us at Lanikai Bath and Body!  If you're not planning a trip this year, you know that you can visit us at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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