Lanikai Breezes

You may think its silly when we tell you that today it feels like spring's breezes have arrived in Hawai`i, and we hope they are arriving on the mainland.  But it's true.  After a period of rain and still air, we now have the beautiful trades back, blue skies and lovely white clouds.  And while we saw people in parkas and scarves on The Today Show (today), we're hoping that spring's breezes, light and lovely, come your way soon.

Our Lanikai Breeze products were named after the beautiful breezes of Lanikai (surprise...) and we think they are perfect for breaking winter's clutches.

Our wonderful Lilikoi Pineapple fragrance comes in lotion, wash and butter ... the better for feeling wonderful and getting rid of tired winter skin.

You can order them online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.  Your Mom would like them, too, and Mother's Day is not too far away.

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