Purely Pineapple

Pineapple is an island favorite and a visitor favorite too.  Everyone knows that you can't get pineapple on the mainland (or elsewhere) that is sweet like Hawaiian pineapple.

In the "old days" they used to offer Dole Pineapple juice on arrival at the airport.  No jetways, the warm air and the sweet smell of plumeria ... then to top it off with a small cup of fresh, cold pineapple juice:  it was magic.

If you want a great reminder of Hawai`i, you'll love our pineapple fragrance.

A real favorite with our customers, our Pineapple soap combines a fresh pineapple fragrance with a lemon oil  top note.  Shown here is our pineapple loofah soap ... and we have a lovely pineapple purely glycerin soap as well!

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