Pohaku: Our Island Sandalwood Fragrance

In the early days of Hawai`i, the islands were dotted with forests of sweet island sandalwood ... the tropical equivalent of cedar wood.

Alas, the sandalwood forests are gone, but at Lanikai Bath and Body we have revived the scent of sandalwood, and made it a favorite for men and women alike.  Our sandalwood is branded as a men's fragrance, but we find that most women love it too.

Rich island sandalwood scents is blended with hints of fresh vanilla bean and an accent of tropical flowers.  The woody characters blends sandalwood, ceder and amber notes --- and vanilla musk tops off the background.

We've blended our sandalwood fragrance with lotion, shampoo, wash and even a bar soap and a loofah soap as well.  You'll find it at our website ~ www.lanikaibathand body.com --- or in our store in Kailua.
We hope to see you soon.

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