This Woman Swears By Lanikai Bath and Body


Beautiful, sweet, wise, soft and gentle,
we think our Lanikai Bath and Body products
are almost a mirror of Sherry.

Sheryy was born in Hawai`i and frequently
comes back to the islands,
but mostly she lives in Washington,
where her spirit of Aloha graces many.

Lanikai Bath and Body loves Sherry Luttrell!
(oh and btw, Sherry loves Lanikai Bath and Body!)

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1 comment:

Sherry Luttrell said...

True- I love Lanikai Bath and Body products. I was in the store yesterday (I used the Plumeria body wash and lotion)- and the cashier exclaimed, "Wow, you smell like Hawaii"!
I happened to have some handy in my purse, so I squeezed some on her hand....pretty soon 4 more cashiers were coming over....Safeway now smells like Hawaii!