The Big Island IS Hawai`i.

The name of Hawai`i's biggest island -- fondly called "The Big Island -- is actually Hawai`i. 

There is currently discussion among citizens and Hawaiian culture organizations on the Big Island -- I mean, Hawai`i -- on whether to call the island by its real name (Hawai`i) or its nickname (The Big Island).

The Hawai`i Island Mayor reports that the local Kupuna remind him that he should always call Hawai`i Hawai`i.  But man-on-the-beach interviews show that we've all gotten used to calling it The Big Island. 

Hawai`i Island is home to the very active, but not too dangerous, Kilauea Volcano and giant Mauna Loa, a mountain which until recently second in size to Olympia Mons on Mars.  Another outer space discovery has moved Mauna Loa into third place.

Our Orchid Vanilla gives a nod to the beautiful Vanilla Orchids grown in the Hamakua Valley on the Big Island -- I mean, Hawai`i -- and our Kamueal Rose fragrance highlights the beautiful roses from Kamuela.

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