More Mango Coconut Magnificence!

Mango Coconut, one of our favorite fragrances ~ by our, we mean everyone at Lanikai Bath and Body, and our customers at our beautiful store in Kailua and from far and wide across the planet.

We make Mango Coconut creamy cold pressed soap, Mango Coconut natural loofah glycerin soap, Mango Coconut hand soap, Mango Coconut Body Wash, Mango Coconut Body Lotion, Mango Coconut Shampoo, Mango Coconut Conditioner, Mango Coconut Bath Salts, Mango Coconut Body Scrub ...

Pretty sure we haven't forgotten anything. If you love the smell of summer, you will love Lanikai Bath and Body's Mango Coconut!

Available at our store or online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com (shortcut:  www.lanikai.com)

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