We Need A Breeze!

It has been hot and still in Hawai`i over the past few days and we miss the tradewinds.

We need a breeze, but failing those soft and soothing Hawai`i favorites, we can count on Lanikai Bath and Body favorite lotion Lanikai Breeze.  Handmade with the special fragrances of lilikoi and pineapple our lotion, making it fresh as fresh can be.

Soothing on sunburned skin, Lanikai Breeze lotion is not our tradewinds, but perfect in its own way!
We love our lotions and today's hero:  Lanikai Breeze.  Order online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

P.S.  Lanikai Breeze lotion is the one on the left!  Shampoo and wash/bubblebath are made with different scents.

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