It's Gardenia Season Again

It's gardenia season in Kailua, and we're told it won't last past June.  Lucky for all of us, Lanikai Bath and Body's Tahitian Gardenia scented lotion and butter,wash and scrubs.  The scent replicates the gardenias in this photo perfectly.

When gardenia are in season, neighbors share them with one another, bring them to their teller at the bank, bring them to their workplace.  We bought this bunch at Pali Florist and it cost us $10.95.  Seems high when they grow in backyards .. but alas, not in ours. 

My son brought me three gardenia on their stems in a Coca Cola can and when I put them by my bed, the room filled with their most wonderful scent. If you are missing gardenia this spring, try some of our Tahitian Gardenia.  It's lovely!  You can buy it in
the store in Kailua or online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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