Mangoes Growing

A month ago we showed you the Hayden Mango blossoms on our tree ... now we show you the Hayden mangoes bulking up like mangoes should.

One slight problem: this is supposed to happen in June. That's picking Mango season. So we are seeing changes from climate here, too --- it is just more subtle
than the 85 degree streak they've had on the East Coast this past week.

These mangoes will soon be ready for Mango Chutney.

But there are always Mango Coconut products available at Lanikai Bath and Body: body lotion, body wash, body scrub and salt, shapoom and conditionr. Except the scrubs and salts, everything comes in an 8.5 ounce set for home and a 2.2 ounce set for travel. With summer coming, the scent of Mango Coconut will remind you of the beach!

And don't forget Lanikai Bath and Body's Island Mango Poi Dog Shampoo for your best friend!

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