Lanikai Loves Liz Loves Lanikai

This title is sort of like those annoying "Before and After" puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. But it's true.

Liz Howard helped us set up our first store, always buys her Christmas presents at the store and has been a friend of Lanikai Bath and Body since the beginning.

This picture was taken at Le Bistro in Niu Valley, one of our favorite restaurants.
The hat is from Bonnie Madigan's "Under Hula Moon," our neighbors and a favorite store in Kailua.

What did we give her? Lanikai Bath and Body of course. Specifically, we gave her Orchid Vanilla wash and lotion and a "naked" Orchid Vanilla Soap, Plumeria Hand Sanitizer (with safe sugar cane alcohol), and Pikake 2.2 lotion for her car.

Lanikai Bath and Body is the perfect place to shop for birthdays -- or any day!

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