We Celebrate You

THANK YOU to our employees, who have the interests of our customers and each other at heart.

THANK YOU to our many customers, those we know personally, those we have come to know through the web,and to the many folks all over the world who love our products as much as we do.

THANK YOU to our vendors, who bring us packing popcorn when needed, and provide the
wonderful, small selection of products we add to our own.

THANK YOU to our facebook fans, who make it worthwhile to give the store an online personality.

THANK YOU to our family who help out whenever asked, and even when they haven't been.

THANK YOU to our little town of Kailua, and to our wonderful state of Hawai`i, the greatest place have a store, and meet the greatest people day after day.

And THANK YOU for another special year for us...seven in all.

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