Today CNN Reported That It Was 76 Degrees

Today CNN reported that it was 76 degrees in Hawai`i. They usually don't care, but the First Family is here, and it is hard to find things to say about them, especially when they stay out of public view.

We did get a close up of them at Sea Life Park where they participated in releasing
four baby turtles into the ocean off Waikiki. Attempts to be cute have caused the media to say that he "pardoned" the turtles, but turtles need no pardoning from anyone --- it is a felony to harm or injure them.

We do know that the Obamas are bathing in Lanikai Bath and Body products, because we were honored to fill the home where he is staying with soaps and lotions (and mini hand sanitizers and kitchen hand soap). We're hoping they will like the selection we sent: Pohaku for the President, Orchid Vanilla for the First Lady, and several
tropical scents including tahitian gardenia and plumeria. We sure hope they like them (love them!) as much as we do.

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