Thank You, Carky!

Carky Ainlay is one of our favorite friends, one of our favorite realtors, and one of our best customers.

Even though she's had our back since we opened in 2005, she still takes the time to send us a "good for you" note once in a while.

Just got this email from her:
Just wanted to let you know that a friend gave me your Tahitian
Gardenia body lotion which I have been using recently and since then
I have had 3 strangers and 1 friend stop me and ask me what my
perfume is.....I can't smell myself but I guess I must smell pretty good!!
Kudos to you guys.

If you want a great realtor, call Carky's firm HomeQuest. If you want great Tahitian Gardenia lotion, call Lanikai Bath and Body!

Thanks to Carky and to all our loyal customers.

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