Hawai`i For Business

Who would have expected that our very own, Hawai`i-born President would end the tradition of wearing the country's "cultural" dress for the final picture at APEC?

The picture above is from the last meeting of APEC in Singapore. We all know the Aloha Shirt is cooler than that!

But here in Hawai`i, we want to show that we are a place to do business. So Barack and the APEC leaders sweated it out in coats and ties for the final pick.

Crazy -- but we showed our Aloha, everyone on O`ahu, in other ways. We on the Windward side stayed on the Windward side, thus not contributing to the traffic, which was horrendous. Those who had to abide the traffic and having their cars searched behaved with Aloha.

So we're glad APEC came, and we are glad they are gone.

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