Elizabeth Warren Is Today's Greatest Woman in the World

If you don't know who Elizabeth Warren is, you should! She is running for Senator in Massachusetts, after much persuasion from many supporters.

She is the person responsible for our having a Consumer Protection Agency. For all of her hard work on it, she isn't running it because her nomination would have been blocked by congress.

From her website: Elizabeth Warren says she “came up the hard way…out of a hard-working middle class family in an America that created opportunities for kids like me.” She has made her life’s work fighting for middle class families. The Boston Globe calls her “… the plainspoken voice of people getting crushed by so many predatory lenders and under regulated banks.” TIME magazine has called her a “New Sheriff of Wall Street” and has twice included her among America’s 100 most influential people. She’s taken on big banks and financial institutions to win historic new financial protections for middle class families.

Learn about her! Help her if you can! And if you live in Massachsetts, be sure to vote for her.

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