Lanikai Loves...

This could be about Pohaku, but it's not ... it's about a young man who is strong like stone ...

Kennedy Tulimasealii. He's got a story that's almost as good as Michael Oher's (The Blind Side) -- big difference, his birth family is great, like Michael Oher's
adoptive family.

Kennedy is a junior at Waianae High School, and he is a defensive linebacker on their football team. The NFL has already taken notice of him, and at the Nike 2011 combine, opinion makers said he would make a great slotback or noseguard for any team.

Why do we think he is so great? He embodies the spirit of Aloha -- every time he tackles someone, he picks them up. Even though his coach tells him not to do it, he can't stop himself. Knock 'em down, pick 'em up.

As long as he doesn't get injured, we predict you'll see him in the NFL -- knocking 'em down, and picking them up.

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