One of our very best customers --- maybe even the best --- is Robin Clark from Warsaw,Indiana. Although she has never been to Hawai`i, she discovered Lanikai Bath and Body online and has been super supportive ever since!

Warsaw sounds really cool. I went on the city's website and tried to swipe a photo but they are all copyrighted. So this photo is, believe it or not, The Holiday Inn Express in Warsaw. Warsaw is in Northern Indiana and it has four (4!) lakes.

Big Big Aloha Nui Loa to Robin, who sent us this note the other day:

... I should be THANKING YOU for making such a wonderful, wonderful product!! My little scent of Hawaii each and every morning! ( altho, I have never visited. It will definitely have to be put on "my bucket list"! :) Maybe I'll get there someday. ) I must tell you something... my husband uses this lotion also. He owns his own business. He is a diesel truck mechanic. Before Lanikai lotions his hands were all rough and dry. Since he has started using your products his hand are now soft, and no longer dry. No more greasy ( other brand name products ) for us!! Lanikai all the way for us. It is well worth the wait in shipping. Everything is always packaged so nice when the box arrives! I'm totally excited every time the postman delivers my box! So... THANK YOU!! and to all of your WONDERFUL little soap fairies!!

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