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Ahh Hawaii. It’s one place I have always wanted to go, but have yet been able to afford to. My dad used to live there and would often send me pictures…you could just smell the ocean air and lushness of the flowers through the vivid imagery.

Lanikai, a bath and body company in Hawaii, has some amazing skin care products that transport my senses as if I were right there myself.

...Lanikai Bath & Body’s exfoliating scrub, body wash and body butter in Tahitian Gardenia. A completely intoxicating fragrance. It not only smells like a Tahitian Gardenia, but it seems to smell of papaya and pineapple too. I feel like breaking out my grass skirt, lei and poi balls.

...I love the Exfoliating Scrub, which is a sea salt scrub with kukui and macadamia, organic aloe and awapuhi in it. It gently smooths your skin. Sometimes, just from the oils alone, I don’t feel the need to moisturize after.The Body Wash is moisturizing with white tea, chamomile, sunflower and kukui oils. The consistency is very thin, almost water-like, but it’s very fragrant.

The Body Butter is comprised of shea and cocoa butter, as well as coconut and avocado oil (avocados are quickly becoming a trend in beauty products this year!) It is rich and thick, but glides smoothly on your skin. It makes you smell amazing, while your skin looks equally healthy and moisturized.
This is a great little known bath and body company. Discover them for yourself! www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

(Sidebar: When I was younger I took Hawaiian dance classes at Judi T. dance studio in West Warwick, RI. We used to do shows as Kukiki and the Coconuts on the Bay Queen (a boat cruise on the Narragansett Bay.)

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