We Are An Island Community

Yesterday a fundraiser was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village called : Kokua for Japan. Almost every known entertainer in Hawai`i played for free, and they held a telethon -- it was broadcast on three tv stations, streamed on the internet, and also broadcast on every Clear Channel radio station across the country.

In five hours, we raised $1,600,000 for Japan.

Most of the entertainers spend time performing in Japan, and they reminded us that although there is a great ocean between us, we are both island "nations" (that could
have no "" but it might upset those who think of Hawai`i as the 50th State).

We have a lot in common with Japan. A special song was written by Amy Hanaialii and
Henry Kapono, performed by many entertainers: Together Hawaii: Aloha the Land of the Rising Sun was its name.

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