Bergamot is Essential

Bergamot essential oil is subtle and uplifting. Bergamot has a fresh, sweet-tart, orange-fruit scent, with a slightly spicy balsamic undertone. Bergamot essential oil is named after the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where the oil was first sold.

The oil is cold-pressed from the outer peels of bitter oranges, from a tree about 14 feet high. The tree yields small round fruit, much like miniature oranges. Although it originated in tropical Asia, Bergamot is most widely grown in Italy.

As a natural skin toner and detoxifier it may prevent premature aging of skin and may have excellent effects on oily skin conditions and acne for some individuals.

At Lanikai Bath and Body, we use essential Bergamot in both our Earth and Air aromatherapy massage oils and mists.

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