Elizabeth Taylor Used Jergens Lotion

At least that's what my mother read or heard somewhere, oh so long ago, and for the rest of her life that was good enough for her. Prior to that she used Blue Grass by
Elizabeth Arden.

Now, I am quite positive that my mother would use Lanikai Bath and Body products --- not just because I am her daughter but because they are as natural as can be, and they have the scent of Hawai`i, which would bring her back to what I like to think of as her favorite place in the world.

Alas, Mother died before we opened Lanikai Bath and Body --- but her love of "hand cream" was legendary (on the table beside her bed: the phone, a note pad and pen, and a bottle of hand cream du jour).

Back to "Liz" : Aloha Ms. Taylor -- the likes of whom we will most likely never see again!

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