Hoda Can You Hear Us?

We heard you!

Sitting around in our p.j.s today, working on our taxes, paying our business bills, we were kept company, as always by the gals of the View and Hoda and Kathie Lee between 10 and 11. Lucky for us, we have tvs in practically every room in the house, to keep us company and up-to-date on the latest world happenings!

Well, today we learned that Hoda (or Hoda Woman as Kathie Lee calls her) has never been to Hawai`i. We could hardly believe our ears! She is always sleeveless (love those arms!) -- even in the middle of the New York winter -- and so she must want to be here.

So if Hoda won't come to Hawai`i, we can send some Hawai`i to her. If anyone knows how to make sure it gets to her, please let us know, by commenting below or writing to us at gloria@lanikaibathandbody.com

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