Aloha Oe, Auld Lang Syne & Happy Birthday

It's not true that all we do is have parties, but we must share with you some news about the soap fairies:
Tori got into the University of Chicago
Emily celebrated her 21
Brook had a birthday, too
Lauren has a birthday coming up
Alana is moving to San Jose
and much much more ... so, of course we had to have a party. We will especially miss
Alana who has been with us for three years, and is the epitome of the Lanikai Girl.

Things have started off well for us in 2011 and we hope they have for you, too. Watch for some new product introductions and we have some great Lanikai T-shirts, too.

All the best today, 1/11/11 and for the rest of this year.
(pictured here: Laurel, Veronica & Emily)

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