Soap Fairies Celebrate The Season

Taking a moment off from the busy season at the store (thank you customers, online and in store!!!), we had our annual holiday celebration at Baci Bistro, one of Kailua's most popular restaurants. The folks who own it (Bill and Company) are genial beyond belief, and the food is reliably delicious.

Our choices ranged from clams on the half shell and gnocchi to chicken picatta and pasta with marinara and house-made sausage. Of course, we started with brushetta and those of us old enough to drink had red wine and a margarita or two. Finished it off with profiteroles and creme brulee, and the secret Santas whose giftees all knew who they were.

So gifts were very appropriate, and here is Erin -- due in late March-- with Lanikai's third baby. We love our soap fairies, one and all.

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