OMG! One Contest Too Far?

We just found out about it because of the alert anchors on the Today Show --- but it turns out that the BIG EVENT was on October 10. A pageant for women over 60. Imagine
that! It was won by Dr. Kimberly Moore of the Virgin Islands (anybody see any irony in that?).

Anyway, there is no prize money (what!!!) but she will get to travel the U.S. to "show what older women can do."Well, we at Lanikai Bath and Body wish Dr. Moore the best of travels... and we are not surprised that senior women get 0% of what men might be paid for the same thing.

Dr. Moore -- if you come to Hawai`i, call us: you have the run of the store, and your beauty will be enhanced by out tropical scents, our yummy scrubs, and our soothing salts.

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