Soap Fairies Redux

A totally cool thing has happened at Lanikai. Actually, many totally cool things:
1. Mandi is back. She left earlier this year to help Ezra with his Blue Sky Pool business, and now that she has him organized, she has some time for us!
2. Mandi's sister Veronica joined us several months ago and she is the most grown up 17 year old ever!
3. Sami, Mark's math student and Veronica's classmate, is also on board -- you can't match her cheerfulness and outgoing presence.
4. Alana,by now the old timer, is ever the gray-green-blue-eyed Hawaiian Beauty.
5. Laurel, who works on Friday and Saturday also works at Wayne & Mona's Lanikai Home. Dark haired, lovely and good company.
6. Halley, one of the first members of the lady Vulcan basketball team at UH Hilo, towers over all of us and her beauty sparkles.
7. Erin, the adorable soon-to-be Momma, applies her multi-year Victoria Secret skills to the max -- lucky for us she lives Kailua.

Alas, Margaret decided to leave -- lots to do as Grandma to Sam's little Kiyana (Sam took to motherhood completely!) and travels with Doug. We will miss Margaret a lot!

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