Hot october

In the old days, days gone by, it was never hot in October. I promise you, it it now the hottest month of the year

Just got back from visiting friends on the east coast and they all had Lanikai product in their bath and guest room. Cool!

The leaves had not started to turn yet in the East, and they pretty much never turn here. Instead the air is ripe with incredible scents, including and especially the plumeria lei which Ian brought to me at the airport. He is always so aware of the traditions of aloha.

Coincidentally, Plumeria has long been one of the favorites at Lanikai Bath and Body... With everyone! Plumeria is the principal lei the statue of Kamehameha is draped with on his birthday. Plumeria greets visitors on ships and planes ... And in Lanikai Bath and Body.

Sherry, returning from Washington state after five years, said the store "smelled like Hawai"

We agree.

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