Evian Est Passe

Yesterday, I saw Evian on sale at Long's for $1.39 right next to Dasani (processed public tap water by the Coca Cola company) for $1.39. Lo how the mighty have fallen.

As we have said before, Hawai`i hs the best tap water in the world ... which is why we created "Hawaiian Tap. Bottle Your Own" water bottles that we have been selling
at Lanikai Bath and Body for the last couple of years.

We are phasing out our aluminum with special food coating versions and bringing in all stainless steel -- with 1% for the planet.

Bottled water sales are down -- makes sense economically, right? Economy is down, pour your own water from your tap. You can't pour soda, but you can pour water.

And in Hawai`i -- well, you just have to taste our water to understand!

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