Dining with Friends in Lanikai

Our good friend Michelle Schaefer and her husband Dave are in town for a two week vacation and staying in one of the many very cool vacation rentals in Lanikai. Ian and I went over there for dinner last night and had a wonderful time.

The place itself has a real hawai`i/lanikai/kailua feel with three lanais, a terraced backyard and a well done waterfall nestled into the hillock behind the house. Beautiful Hawaiian plants and lots of beautiful invasive species ... nonetheless we have adopted them as ours, and a well landscaped home is always a great reminder of why Hawai`i is a great place to live. No winter!

Of course the garden itself reminded me of Brook's sister Charla the MASTER GARDENER, but undoubtedly the owners of this particular place have a gardener of their own. Saturday Night Live could have used a MASTER GARDENER.

Best of all, all the women there were raving about Lanikai Bath and Body, and Michelle was running around encouraging everyone to smell her arm, which was swathed in her favorite scent, Lanikai's Orchid Vanilla.

Michelle and Dave have their own vacation rental on Diamond Head which they stock, BTW, with Lanikai products!

Thanks to Michelle and Dave, Lanikai Bath and Body Kama`ainas.

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