Hawai`i's Favorite Dog Shampoo "POI DOG" Introduced to the Nation in Honor of Bo.

Kailua based-Lanikai Bath and Body's all natural Island Mango Dog Shampoo for "Mutts" like the President is a nationwide hit. Poi Dog is paraben free, made in Hawaii and infused with organic aloe and jojoba. Dogs of all breeds love it.

Bo the Portuguese Water Dog has finally showed up at the White House. Here in Hawaii, we remember most Obama's comment that he'd like to get a rescue dog because it would be "a mutt like me." Many Hawaiian citizens are "mutts" by Obama's terminology and we are much better for it. The Hawaiian word for it is "hapa," meaning "of mixed racial heritage."

In the case of dogs, we have a different word. A mixed breed in Hawaii is a Poi Dog. Poi was the most important food staple to the Hawaiians, and one historical notation said that dogs were fed poi, hence the name. When you say "poi dog" in Hawai`i, everyone knows you mean a mixed breed.

So Bo turned out not to be a rescue dog, or a even "mutt" like President Obama. But Kailua based Lanikai Bath and Body wants to honor him anyway, with Poi Dog Shampoo. Poi Dog is all natural, made in Hawaii and infused with organic aloe and jojoba. Dogs of all breeds love it. Their owners do too.

Lanikai Bath and Body is Hawaii's largest collection of natural, mostly organic, paraben free bath and body products. The three-year-old store is located at 600 Kailua Road in the popular beachside town where the Obama family has stayed on their past two visits to his home state.

If you have a "Poi Dog" (or even if you don't) you can order the island mango dog shampoo online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com or visit Lanikai Bath and Body in Kailua.

Lanikai Bath and Body is owned by longtime island resident Brook Gramann, and Gloria Garvey, originally from Connecticut and who was a permanent substitute in Obama's 5th grade class at Punahou, when she arrived in the islands 36 years ago.