Most Complimented Gift

When we give gifts, you might be able to guess that they come from Lanikai Bath and Body!

This year, with the world growing ever more eco-aware, we gave many people BHappy Bags...and they loved them. They are great for shopping or for just moving stuff from here to there.

They don't advertise Costco while you are at SAm's Club, Safeway while you are at Foodland, or Trader Joe's while you are at Whole Foods.

BTW has anybody written the etiquette chapter on that one? Can I take my special edition Barack Obama bag to a Republican's house?

Who knows. It's most important that we remember to bring the bags -- which ever ones we have -- into the store with us so we minimize the plastic bags we take home (according to experts, the plastic bags we get at the grocery store are in our possession for less than 20 minutes on average).

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