The Kids are Getting A Poi Dog

Even thought they are offical breeds -- the labradoodle and the portuguese water dog -- they are still poi dogs to us. Especially because the Obamas are planning on getting their dog from a shelter.

All over the net there are kennels with copyrighted pics of very expensive labradoodles and potuguese water dogs. Fortunately, there was an article in USA Today with pics of the two mixed breeds ---

They are mixed breeds, therefore mutts like Obama, therefore poi dogs. So somehow
we will send them Poi Dog Shampoo so the Presidential Poi Dog can get a proper bath.

Made in Hawaii, Lanikai Bath and Body's Poi Dog is VERY popular. With Poi Dogs and
their owners. And, btw, even though he said it about himself, in the USA we are all pretty much mutts. Most of us, anyway. God Bless the mutt in us, and God Bless the Planet Earth!

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