Incredible, Beautiful, Delicious Chocolate Right here in Kailua

The award winning chocolate lady from the Big Island (aka, properly known as the island of Hawai'i) has settled in to the space formerly occupied by Dawn's dress shop across from KFC.

Her candies are beautiful, miraculous, imaginative! And they taste fabulous.

The store is a bit out of the way and it seems pretty much unlikely that someone who would search out a famous KFC Bowl would like to top off the experience with a delectable piece of chocolate, but I urge those of you who have never so much as turned in the direction of KFC to go there and bang a hard right if you are headed towards Hardware Hawaii, and a hard left if you are passing up KFC.

Park your car and go into the magic world of Chef Melanie, chocolate master chef cum diamond buyer.

She does love the rare and beautiful. You must, must, must seek her out and tell others about her, too. We cannot lose her!

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