The President Elect is Staying in Kailua!

A recent article in the New York Times attributed Mr. Obama's cool to his having grown up in Hawaii, and being influenced by the Aloha spirit. If you didn't see the article it is worth searching for on the NYTimes' site because it explains alot about why we all live here, and why people of so many races live peace-ably side-by-side.

The Times quotes someone who says its because the place is too small to be loud and obnoxious, but there is more to it than that. The land, the place and the environment are incomparable. Mother Earth and Father Sky have been thoroughly accommodating to the terrible onsalught of human beings and their concrete. The population has no majority; the three "primary minorities" are relatively equal in size.

People are kind here for lots of reasons, and when you are kind you get kindness back, and so it goes ... As more mainlanders move here, traffic gets a little rougher, but eventually they begin to understand: there is nowhere to go: settle down and enjoy yourself.

The President-elect is an incredible representative of his home state Hawaii, and also a remarkable citizen of the world. We are all so lucky to have him at this terrible time.

The picture shown here is from this morning's Advertiser blog. Taking the kids for a shave ice in Hawaii Kai. The paper reports they also went to Sea Life Park. Everybody here loves him.

Lanikai Bath and Body is hoping the Obamas will stop by over one of the next several days ...if you know him well, please tell him about us!

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