Elitist President-elect's Elitist School Wins Populist State Championship

Kidding. Punahou, Barack's alma mater, and so much more, won its first high school State Championship in more than a century. Actually, it is their first.

They had a wonderful team this year, the kind of cosmic-propinquity team that makes you shiver and sparkle all over. Manti Te'o, a multi-purpose player who does everything but is assigned the position linebacker was honored with the Dick Butkus award... the first high scool student ever to win it.

Many of these kids are in Mark's math classes, so we have been hearing stories of schools recruiting them all year long. So congratulations to Kale Ane and his coaches, and to the wonderful Punahou Football team that won the 2008 State Championship.

Dalton Hillyard, who is pictured in the Advertiser's Rebecca Breyer photo above, has the cutest Daddy who jumps in the stands when his kid is on point. Which is almost all the time.

To borrow a phrase, Imua!

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