Big Send off For Barack

The Secret Service may not know it yet, but New Year's Eve is one of the noisest,smelliest events any where here on Oahu. They may have already read in the papers of the complaints against illegal fireworks, or have been briefed by the police on the two guys who were arrested for a warehouse full of fireworks, but they haven't ever seen anything like it -- except maybe in a chinese nation on Chinese New Year's.

Whatever. I am sure the President Elect remembers and his kids will no doubt enjoy
the show.

Maybe they are sneaking him out of the island tonight ... but if not, this is a big send off for our wonderful local boy, on his way to what the Onion called the "worst job in America." No doubt it is.

Good luck to the Obamas, their entourage, Hawai'i and the world, and from Lanikai Bath and Body to all a good night. May we wake up on a planet that has had a major paradigm shift that will consider Peace as the only alternative. God Bless and. depending on your vantage point, good riddance to to 2008.

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