It Takes A Village

To catch a dog- (the saga of Brook and Dave's lab-heeler mix Oreo and her escape on a rainy day).
6 am- 4 pm
STORMING all day in Hawaii. We are in the house ALL MORNING. ALL AFTERNOON.
Poor Oreo I think. Dave is in town. I should take her out.
Saturday late afternoon. Weather starts clearing up. Still raining a little and water everywhere.
I feel sorry for Oreo- think “Okay- I’ll take her to the park to walk- I’ll clean her up afterwards.”
4:20-5 pm
Walk her around the park, kind of muddy but she’s clean and having a good time.
The leash comes off somehow.
Oreo is free.
I call and chase to no avail. She races around the park, digs holes in the mud in the baseball park. I chase. Bait her with slippers, shoes, keys, my car door open. She runs, races. I get close. Chasing a greased pig. Don’t have my phone but grateful she is staying in the park and figure she will get tired. I continue to try to trap her.
Oreo runs into the parking lot of Aikahi school. I continue to cajole knowing that the street is right there.
Lady walking her old poodle comes to help. Oreo approaches her dog but runs when I get close.
Oreo runs into the street.
Teenage boy who has been mudsliding in Aikahi park comes to help me alert cars and try to keep Oreo from going into the intersection. He and the poodle lady help me keep Oreo from running into traffic.
Oreo runs into Safeway parking lot. We continue to try to chase her down. Prevent her from going onto main highway.
Rest of teenagers from mudsliding event come across the street to join us. Circle Oreo. She continues to evade all of us.
Wackenhut guard at Safeway starts doing the jig to get Oreo’s attention and moonwalking across the parking lot to KEEP Oreo’s attention so we can come up from behind.
6 pm
Oreo runs.
Oreo getting tired. Mudsliders continue to circle. Wackenhut guard sits and watches, blocks entry to parking lot.
Oreo lays down to rest- but just for a second til mudsliding girl tries to grab her. Everyone continues to circle and get her into corner.
Dave and Doug arrive after searching for me at Aikahi Park. Oreo does not listen to Dave either!
Group continues to circle Oreo. Oreo is grabbed by SWEET TEENAGE GIRL!!!!! YAY!!!!
Everyone cheers including Wackenhut guard and poodle lady and ME.
We cross the street to get back to park (and kids to mudsliding) but not before taking a picture of Oreo and her peeps. See below. And yes, Oreo is going to obedience school. And yes again- thank goodness for good hearts in good people.

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