We had two very unusual orders this month where two professionals with large offices ordered 2.2 ounces for everyone in their offices ... a total of more than 350 2.2 ounce products ... luckily for us, our perfect elves in Kula are madly making Plumeria and Tahitian Gardenia so that we can fill our holiday orders. And, 2.2 oz Tahitian Gardenia and Plumeria top our list of best sellers.

2.2 ounce lotions and washes are perfect stocking stuffers, and if you like Mango Coconut, we have 2.2 x 4 travel packs: with shampoo, conditioner, wash and lotion.
We have the lotion and wash combos in Tahitian Gardenia, Plumeria, Orchid Vanilla, and Pikake. We also have a 2.2 ounce lotion in Pineapple Coconut.

We hope you'll shop with Lanikai this holiday season!

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