Jelly Bath is Back

We just got in a big supply of Jelly Bath -- the popular bath product that turns your bath into -- jelly. more or less. People really love this stuff!

It is a polymer, like the little white balls that absorb water in your plants. When you put it in the tub, or a pedicure bath, it plumps up (to say the least) and becomes a very comfy thick relief. It keeps bath water warm for up to five times compared to plain bath water and it is very relaxing.

When you get out of the tub, you simply pour salt on it and it disappears down the drain. Jelly Bath comes in wonderful "flavors" including lavender and mint. It's a great Christmas gift and stocking stuffer.

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Have been perusing the blogs from a few months and enjoying, aloha, patrick thecolorsofhawaii.com