Rainbow for Our Anniversary!

This beautiful rainbow appeared at a friend's birthday surprise party at Pu'ualaka'a Park atop Round Top Drive on the other side of the mountain from Kailua.

But we can appropriate it for our anniversary because there are rainbows everywhere in Hawaii, and we could, quite possibly, have a rainbow this Sunday -- which marks the third anniversary (or birthday) of Lanikai Bath and Body. At least the third anniversary of its opening, after close to a year of dreaming, planning, designing --and three years later, there is not much we have changed.

Among the 20 different scents we had at our opening, we eliminated Cucumber Melon within the first year, and added Pineapple Coconut, Pikake and Puakenikeni. In 2006 we introduced Island Mango Poi Dog Shampoo because it was The Year of the Dog. It turned out not to be a tradition we could continue, because 2007 was The Year of the Pig.

This weekend, in honor of our third anniversary/birthday we are having a storewide online and in-store 20% off sale. We have a customer who visits every year at this time, and who is sure to remind us about our anniversary -- I think it is her birthday as well. So Happy Birthday!

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