Ian's Turtle

A month ago while walking the beach, Ian saw a sea turtle floating on top of the ocean. It wasn't moving, and he went out to see if it was okay, and it was clear that the turtle was disoriented and sick.

Ian brought him to shore and called NOAA. Meanwhile, he and a passerby got towels wet, covered the turtle and kept pouring water on it. The NOAA folks arrived and took the turtle away, promising to call Ian with news of its health. Alas, a few days later the turtle died.

The people at NOAA said it wouldn't be in vain, that it would offer an opportunity for others to study what had happened.

Our green sea turtles are very beautiful and their existence is a tribute to the health of our ocean. We all need to take care ... and when a turtle is not in danger, we need to stay clear of them.

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