Makana means "gift" in Hawaiian --- and it is, like so many Hawaiian words, a very special word.

At Lanikai Bath and Body, we look at each and everyone of the items in our store as makana. We lovingly wrap soaps so they can be a perfect gift-to-go. We call our products necessary luxuries. Blue satin ribbons adorn MeBath. Votive candles are boxed in perfect fours.

Special soaps are carved to perfection : sitting buddhas, buddha heads, venus de milo,three little pigs, hear-no-see-no-speak-no little monkeys, laboradors, golden retrievers, and even Our Lady of Guadalupe. Perfect makana, every one.

We gather several 2.2. ounce lotions in a garden "slider" -- perfect gift. We will
wrap anything you want, and we have complimentary gift wrapping.

We can make special orders -- even giant makana -- and ship to just about anywhere you want. Lanikai Bath and Body -- the perfect place for makana.

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