Whale of a Tale

The carcass of a sizable sperm whale washed ashore about ten days ago, and rotted while those in charge worked to come up with a way to get rid of it.

Today, they finally moved it, with some trouble, and put most of it in a dumpster which was then buried in a hole 25 feet deep on the side of the highway.

Some remaining bones were kept for students at HPU to study and while the truck drove down the highway, the bones spilled out the back, causing traffic to stop.
The students cleaned it up as well as they could and then the fire department came to take care of what was left --- biohazard.

We've been encouraged not to go in the water near Kahuku point where the whale was found and then removed because a 12 foot tiger shark was seen there today -- too late to get a bite of the whale carcass.

This story is true, and couldn't happen many places but Hawaii.

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