Panos Can Run

All around Honolulu, the town is abuzz with election fever. After a lazy summer run-up to what was playing out to be sure in candidacys for a number of incumbents, last minute announcements and filings ran amuck in the final days.

Filing in time on Monday the 21st, Panos Prevedouros,took a leave from his tenured professorship to run against Mayor Mufi Hannemann, widely considered to be a meany to those who oppose him. The next day, longtime city councilwoman Ann Kobayashi left her very safe seat and declared her candidacy for Mayor. Duke Bainum, meanwhile, slipped in his filing for Ann's seat which prompted Mufi & Co. to go wild and drag Kirk Caldwell out of his very safe and uncontested seat in the house to file to run against Bainum.

The only reason I know about any of this is that Brook and I -- with our Brand Strategy hats on -- are doing strategic work for Panos the engineer who will tell the truth. Our good friend, Dale Evans, of Charleys Taxi, got us into this ...

When it's all over everybody running is going to need some good old Hawaiian Healing Salve -- from Lanikai Bath and Body, ofcourse!

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